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Shop For Checks - Frequently Asked Question

   Frequently Asked Questions

How long can I expect to receive my checks?

We process all orders within 3 - 5 business days from when it is received. However, if we have to phone you with questions, this may delay the processing time. Our method of shipping is UPS Ground, you can also choose "rush service" and "next day" delivery.
(Click here for Help on Rush Services)

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What types of checks does your Company print?

Our Company prints business laser/inkjet style computer checks, size 3-1/2 by 8-1/2 printed on 8-1/2 x 11 inch paper, compatible with most popular PC accounting software packages, such as Quicken, QuickBooks, Peachtree, Microsoft Money, Dac Easy, MYOB, and too many to list. Personal size wallet checks ,size 2-7/8 by 6" with stub at side printed on 8-1/2 x 11 paper, compatible with Quicken , Quickbooks, MS Money. Our checks are to be used in a laser or inkjet printer and are filled in by your PC software program.

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If I order checks for 2 checking accounts 500 each, do I use the 1,000 quantity price?

No. Prices are per checking account. You have to place TWO separate check orders for 500 each account.

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Can we print checks with logos?

Yes. We will print your logo FREE of charge (black ink). The quality of the printed logo will depend on the original artwork we receive. It is important that the artwork should be sharp, save your logo on a BMP file, attach it to the e-mail and make sure to put your order # on e-mail, and send it to us at logos@compuchecks.com

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If I need more information or samples?

We will send/fax an order form, or mail a sample package of our various check formats, compatible envelope and price list. However, you can click on See Samples of the checks & colors here on our home page.

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Are orders taken by PHONE or by FAX?

Yes. We accept orders by PHONE or by FAX. But you will need to fax a sample voided check. TEL Toll Free 888.333.3494 Fax 845.356.3654 .

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Do I need to fax or mail a voided check ?

Yes. We recommend that all check orders should be accompanied by a sample check so we can double-check the bank MICR coding line. Note: if you can't supply us with a sample, Please e-mail us or call us that you will not provide us with a sample.

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What if I want checks for a new account and don't have a voided check?

All new accounts usually get a STARTER CHECK KIT from the Bank, you can fax that in. Or, you can ask your bank for a MICR encoding specification sheet for your account. We can get all bank information from this form. Note: if you can't supply us with a sample, Please e-mail us or call us that you will not provide us with a sample.

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Do I need to fax a sample for the deposit slips?

Yes, the bank information sometimes differs from deposit slips and checks. We will need a voided sample or your bank's deposit slip encoding specification sheet.

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What is the difference between One Check Per Page or 3 Checks Per Page?

Payroll and Accounts Payable, for business customers, use the One per page type. (Check on Top, Check in the Middle, Check on Bottom, depending on the software you use). Home users generally use the 3 Checks per page style.

Our checks contain many advanced security features designed to provide a secure and cost effective method for business, large and small, to help prevent document fraud. Click here to see what we mean! These security standards exceed all banking standards.

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Are other features available?

Yes, other features include an optional 2 signature lines, Or lines on check so can also hand write checks, You can also order your checks with "reverse numbering sequence". ( if you feed your checks to your printer face down and your printer takes the top check you should order reverse printing )

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How do I know what is called Routing # - Micr # - Account #?

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What if I still have additional questions?

Call Toll Free 1-888-333-3494, Mon.-Thur.9:30AM -5:30PM EST Fri. 9:30AM - 1:00PM or contact us by e-mail at sales@compuchecks.com or click here to jump to our contact page.

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